Cold and dreary weather rolls on

Good Wednesday, everyone. This has been a very ugly first 10 days of December. We’ve seen only a few hours of sunshine for the entire month, and it looks as if the clouds and cold will continue. For folks looking for some sunshine, I might have some for the weekend. Might being the key word.

Wednesday’s clouds will continue to spit our some snowflakes across the region. Highs will stay in the 30s, with gusty winds making it feel like the 20s from time to time. The flakes won’t really show up on radar because they’re very fine.

Current temperatures

The big cutoff low across the northeast continues to show up slower on the American Models. Check out the NAM:

NAMThat’s a flow that should keep highs in the 30s for Thursday and maybe Friday. It also will produce some… wait for it… clouds. There is some indication of clouds and sprinkles trying to develop over the weekend. That’s when temps begin to moderate, but the latest model runs are tempering the temperatures. The raw numbers from the GFS now have the highest temperature for Lexington at only 50 degrees, and that comes Sunday.

Whatever happens to our temps this weekend, another system should quickly close in on us from the west late Monday and Tuesday. The Canadian model shows the upper low cruising right on top of us:

Canadian 2

That would bring some wintry weather our way with a track like that.

You will see some wild model swings with that system because we have so much upper-level energy. This pattern has one of the more active jet streams that you will ever see, and that’s likely to lead to some extreme weather down the road.

The ensembles from all the models suggest that winter really cranks up during Christmas week. Check out the setup:

CanadianIf that proves to be correct, we could be looking at some snowflakes for the big week. I will break out the white Christmas meter this weekend.

Enjoy the day and take care.

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