Harsh winter weather ahead

Good Friday, everyone. Old Man Winter looks to kick it up a notch this weekend, and he might ramp it up even more next week. I’m tracking bitterly cold temps and several chances of snow during this time.

Friday’s weather will be better than what we had Thursday, but not by much. Highs will hit the mid and upper 20s, with wind chills staying in the teens. Skies will be mostly cloudy, with some sun and the possibility of a few snowflakes.

The next arctic front arrives Saturday and will have more widespread snow showers and squalls:

CanadianThrow in gusts of 35 to 40 mph, and blowing snow will become a likely problem during the afternoon and evening. That’s when the front swings in. Temps will spike ahead of it and then crash behind it by 15 to 20 degrees in an hour. By evening, temps should be in the high single digits and low teens, with wind chills below zero.

Temperatures by Sunday morning will drop into the single digits, with wind chills hitting minus-5 to minus-10 at times.

That takes us into an interesting setup for early next week. The models are advertising a couple of possible snow systems to affect our weather. The first shows up Sunday night and early Monday:

The European Model shows this possibility:

EuroThat would bring some accumulations from west to east.

The second system looks much stronger and is just outside that window for Tuesday and Wednesday, so we have a few days to wait and watch for trends with that. Here’s the latest from the European Model:

Euro 2Euro Snow

We will continue to watch the evolution of this pattern as we head into the weekend.

Have a great Friday and take care.

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