A snowstorm is likely late tonight into Monday

Good Sunday, everyone. A major winter storm will roll into our region late tonight into Monday and this will likely deliver a lot of snow to the entire state. This system may be followed by record cold temperatures by the middle and end of the week.

This storm is coming at us from the southwest and will roll across the Tennessee Valley. That will mean snow breaks out from west to east late tonight into Monday and it will become heavy at times.

With temperatures in the teens, we will maximize the snowfall and that can lead to some big totals. Here’s a first call map:

Special 2

As you can see, I have much of the state in a general 6″-12″.  That is the first call and I will fine tune the numbers and placement as the day goes on.

Something else I’m seeing more of during this event… wind. We could have some blowing and drifting going on with this as well Monday into Monday night.

The various computer forecast models area all showing even higher totals than what I have. Here’s the European Model:


While I am not totally sure of the algorithm used by weatherbell… I’m pretty sure that’s based on 10-1 snow ratios. Our ratios will likely be higher than that given the amount of cold present. Much of the snow will fall with temps in the teens.

The GFS also shows a major snowstorm and has been trending strongly toward the European:

GFS Snow

The NAM:


Temps by Tuesday morning may reach zero in some cases. Another arctic front brings snow squalls in here on Wednesday and that unleashes record cold by Thursday morning…

Euro 2

I will have updates later today. Take care.

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