August ends with steam and scattered storms

Good Sunday to one and all. August is quickly running out of days, and wouldn’t you know it, the final few days of the month finally feel the part. Our great stretch of fall weather is over, and it’s back to reality for a while. Steamy weather and scattered storms look to dominate the pattern through Labor Day weekend.

We have a weak disturbance cruising into the region from the south. This is giving us better coverage of the showers and storms out there today. This is not going to be a washout, but a few outdoor plans might foiled by Mother Nature.

Similar conditions will be around Monday with highs in the 80s.

This type of pattern gives us very warm air, higher humidity and a daily threat of a scattered storm. It’s not going to rain every day where you live. Scattered is the word of the week for storms.

As warm as it will be here, the real heat will be to our west and north:

Euro 2

As mentioned, this setup should carry us into the big holiday weekend and the kickoff of the college football season.

Changes are already showing up just beyond Labor Day. Watch how all the warm air gets replaces by cooler numbers:

Euro 3

This later summer and early sall pattern looks very similar to the past two years at this same time.

I leave you with some Sunday storm trackers:



Have a great day and take care.

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