Chilly showers kick off the weekend

Good Friday, everyone. Rounds of showers continue to push our way from the east and southeast. This action carries us into the weekend and is being accompanied by some overall nasty conditions.

Friday is the opening day of the Keeneland fall meet. It’s not going to rain all the time, but chilly showers will be around:

SpecialThere might be wind gusts of 30 mph across the region through Friday night as the showers keep going.

A big East Coast storm system continues to crank and will throw additional showers here on Saturday. Just like Friday, I don’t anticipate it raining the entire day, but showers will definitely be around. Highs will be in the 50s on a gusty northeasterly wind.

The Cats and the Colonels do battle Saturday evening at Commonwealth Stadium, and it doesn’t look like the best of conditions. The most likely chance of rain comes during tailgating, with a chance for a few showers during the game:

Special 2The weather for Sunday is looking a little better, with some breaks in the clouds and just a chance of scattered showers. Temps will continue to run much cooler than normal.

What happens with Hurricane Joaquin? The trend over the past few days has been for this storm to stay away from the East Coast. We still have some time to watch that. Here’s the forecast from the National Hurricane Center:

Here in Kentucky, we are left with some chilly showers to track:



Make it a great day and take care.


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