Growing season ends this weekend

Good Friday, everyone. The coldest air of the young fall season is invading the Bluegrass State on Friday. Temps will nosedive during the weekend, and that means the growing season is likely finished.

Winds will be very gusty as the front blows through early Friday. There is also the smallest threat of a shower before a partly sunny skies take over.

If you have tender plants and vegetation that  you want to hang on to for a while longer, you better get busy protecting them. Check out the forecast lows for the weekend:


That’s a hard freeze possible by Sunday morning as temps dive into the mid and upper 20s.

Temps recover into the first half of next week as pleasant skies continue. The next cold front nears the region by Thursday:


That will likely have a band of showers and thunderstorms ahead of it, with much chillier air sweeping in behind it. In typical fall fashion, winds will be very gusty as the front swings through.

In the short-term, bundle up and enjoy your Friday.

Take care.

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