Tracking another system for the big weekend

Good Thursday to one and all. Our rain- and wind-maker from the past couple of days is now working off to our east, with better weather coming in behind it. Unfortunately, another storm system looks to move our way over the big weekend.

Let’s start with the good before getting into the ugly stuff.

Sunny skies will slowly take over Thursday, with breezy westerly and northwesterly winds. Highs will be in the 50s in many areas.

Friday starts cold, with temps in the low and middle 30s. For those heading out to the start of the Breeders’ Cup at Keeneland, the afternoon looks phenomenal, with highs in the 50s and plenty of sunshine.

Things start to go downhill as we head deeper into Saturday. That’s when another system threatens to bring rain back to the region. The latest NAM has a whole lot of ugly on it:

NAMThat would be a worst-case scenario for everything we have going on. From the Breeders’ Cup to trick or treating to the UK/UT game, the above map would be bad.

The European Model has a similar look as the NAM:

EuroWhat we really want is for this system to slow down and not move in until later Saturday night. That’s still a possibility, but the recent trends suggest a greater chance of some rain affecting events. We still have time to watch for any changes over the next few days.

The longer-range pattern looks warm into the first week of November. Highs much of next week are likely to be well into the 70s on a gusty southwesterly wind. All of that may come crashing down by the following weekend with a strong cold front moving in:

Euro 2That could mean some decent thunderstorms ahead of the front with a significant cold shot behind it.

Enjoy your Thursday and take care.

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