A nice break in our busy pattern

Good Friday to one and all. We’re rolling into our weekend on a very nice weather note, and it looks to continue for a few more days. Beyond that, our recent busy pattern looks to kick back in.

A couple of upper level lows move our way next week, and the models are trying to figure out which one to key on. The first upper system swings in late Sunday and Monday. The one coming behind that tries to become the bigger of the two. You can see that well on the European Model. Here’s the Monday system:

EuroThat would gives us a shot of chilly showers late Sunday and Monday, but gets pushed through fairly quickly. The next system then dives in and really amplifies on the same model run:

Euro 2

There’s a lot of energy pushing across the country next week. Combine that with a pattern change, and you can get some pretty big model swings from one system to the next. The theme of the extended forecast continues to be the same on the GFS:


Behind that…


And behind that:


Make it a fantastic Friday and take care.

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