A December chill in the air

Good Friday, folks. It’s the final weekend before Christmas and it’s finally starting to feel like it should for this time of year. Unfortunately, for you winter fans, this isn’t going to stick around. Warmer and wetter weather appears in the making for Christmas week.

Highs today will generally range in the mid and upper 30s for most areas. Gusty winds will make it feel even colder, and we could see a few snow flurries flying by.

Saturday finds highs in the 35-40 degree range across our part of the world. Skies will stay mainly sunny, but will cloud over on Sunday. Those clouds are ahead of a rain maker moving in for Monday:


That moves away by Tuesday with temps back to above normal. The numbers may REALLY take off by Wednesday and could reach the low 60s. That comes with a wet price as another storm system develops in the plains and works into the Great Lakes:


The Canadian and GFS models try to bring a quick-hitting shot of chill behind that for Christmas Eve and Morning. Even if that’s real, it’s not going to hold. Another BIG plains storm system develops and puts us back into a southwesterly wind flow. That should cause temps to surge in the days just after Christmas. Records again? That depends on the progression of that storm. The slower it is, the warmer we get.

It may also blow in here with heavy rain, high winds and some thunder. Runs of the Canadian and GFS have shown cold air barreling in behind that departing storm. Here’s the Canadian for NEXT Sunday…

Canadian 2

Have a great day and take care.

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