Heavy rain and wild temp swings

Good Sunday to one and all. Our wild weather continues across Central and Eastern Kentucky. Rounds of heavy rain and storms will combine with big temperature swings to send our Christmas weekend out on a wild note.

The amount of moisture we have in the atmosphere Sunday is the highest ever recorded in December across this part of the world. It simply can’t get more humid than it is right now.

Let’s start with the rain threat. The boundary to our north drops back into the region with rain and thunderstorms increasing:


With a front in the vicinity, those showers and storms will be overachievers in terms of rainfall, and that will lead to some additional high-water possibilities.

The low across the Mississippi Valley then works toward our region on Monday. Heavy rain and thunderstorms increase:


High winds will be likely during this time, but the high water threat is the main thing to watch for. Here’s a breakdown of who has the best chance of seeing high water through Monday night:

Special 3

The temp swings over the next few days will be dramatic. Check out the broad view from the European Model:


The Hi Res NAM shows a better picture from this afternoon through Monday morning:


That’s nothing short of absurd.

I have you all set to track the wildness:

Have a great day and take care.

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