Arctic cold front brings more snow

Good Monday to one and all. We’re coming off a dramatic weather change that took our temps from spring-like, to straight into the frozen tundra. As cold as it is to start today, it’s going to get even colder in the coming days.

That’s because we have a strong arctic front moving our way. This weeps into town on Tuesday and will bring some wicked winter weather with it.

This front may send a band of light snow in here as early as late tonight. The NAM shows this well and shows the enhanced band of snow Tuesday…


The Hi-Res NAM gives us a better view of this enhanced snow band as it drops in…


When you see the models showing the dark green, yellow and orange… that’s basically a convective element to the snow.

The Canadian (different color scheme) also has this enhanced band dropping in from the north and northwest…


Some early thoughts on this system…

– Some light snow will try to break out as early as Monday night.

– A squall line of snow will then drop into the region on Tuesday. This can drop a quick inch or two of snow and cause near zero visibilities for a time.

– Winds are going to CRANK. Gusts to 40mph may create blowing snow.

– This is not a lot of snow, but it’s likely to have a big impact on travel.

– The cold coming in behind this is being underplayed by the American Models. That said, the Canadian is likely a too cold…

Canadian 2

Single digit lows with below zero wind chills will be possible Wednesday morning if skies clear.

The end of the week storm system is not going to be handles correctly by any of the models. It’s just not. This is especially the case with another monster arctic outbreak showing up this weekend into early next week. The core of the cold sinks farther south than the current setup…

Euro 2

Buckle up for the ride and take care.

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