Winter storm threats this week

Good Tuesday to one and all. The bitterly cold air is about to give way to the potential for back-to-back significant snow systems to move across Kentucky. Our first storm system brings a moderate snowfall Wednesday. The one coming behind that by the end of the week looks to be much bigger.

Tuesday starts in the single digits, with wind chills below zero. Afternoon highs reach the upper teens and low 20s, with clouds on the increase. Those clouds are ahead of the first snowmaker zipping through on Thursday.

Here are my latest thoughts on possible snowfall:

Special 2

Areas in red are at risk for the most snow, with some areas potentially picking up close to a half-foot. This is a widespread snowfall for the entire state that is likely to cause many schools to shut down.

The arrival of the next storm is a littler earlier than what I originally thought. A nasty mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain develops late Thursday as our storm begins to take shape to our south. The initial low goes into east Tennessee and then transfers energy to the main low in the Carolinas on Friday. As that happens, a rapid switch to heavy snow is likely.

Winds are going to also be a major problem with a setup like this:


That’s the latest European Model, and it most certainly has a major “wow” factor to it. Taken at pure face value, the European Model has a blizzard from the Ohio Valley into the Mid-Atlantic and northeastern states. Now, this doesn’t mean that’s what’s going to happen. I’m simply telling you what the model is showing. Other models have been similar in recent days.

The European snowfall forecast from now through Sunday:

Euro 2

Am I ready to fully buy 100 percent stock in what the European Model is selling? Of course not, but it’s eye-opening and deserves to be talked about as a possibility. It’s not as if this is a week away. This storm starts affecting our weather late Thursday.

I made this map before the European came out:

Special 3

This threat is for the possibility of significant snow and ice accumulations and high winds.

I will have another update later Tuesday. Stay warm and take care.

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