Much colder times ahead

Good Wednesday, everyone. We’re coming off a wild Groundhog Day, with many areas hitting record highs. Strong and severe storms rumbled across the state as high winds took center stage. From here, we start to focus on much colder weather on the way.

Temps Wednesday will slowly drop from west to east. We should see them settle into the 30s settle Wednesday evening, with the potential for a snowflake or two. Highs Thursday will generally stay in the 30s.

Seasonal temps move back in for Friday to start the weekend. All of this gets ready to change in a big, big way next week. The jet stream is ready to take a huge dip into the central and eastern sections of the country:

EuroThat setup can spawn snowmakers for our part of the world and is a rather extreme look. Much colder air also gets involved in the pattern. Look at the forecast departures by next Tuesday:

GFS 2That pattern is forecast to grow even colder as we head into Valentine’s weekend:


Winter isn’t over by any means!

I leave you with your Wednesday weather trackers:

Make it a great day and take care.

Euro 2 Euro 3 Euro 4


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