A lot of winter for the week ahead

Good Super Bowl Sunday, everyone. We have big changes blowing into central and eastern Kentucky later tonight. These changes will lead us into a prolonged period of winter weather across our part of the world.

Winds and clouds will increase this afternoon and evening as a cold front drops in from the northwest. This will have a band of rain and snow with it later tonight into Monday morning.

After a midday break, widespread snow showers and squalls will kick  Once they kick in, they may not stop for a while. A strong northwesterly wind flow will combine with several upper air systems and the warm Great Lakes waters, to create some decent snows.

This is a setup that will basically “nickel and dime” us to death over the course of several days. Each system that passes through here will drop some accumulation that can add up to several inches for some. The GFS snowfall forecast through Friday night:

GFS SnowThat does NOT all fall at once. Instead, it shows the cumulative totals for our daily chance of snow.

This is also a VERY cold setup for much of the country. Check out this absolutely Frigid pattern on the European Model…


The Friday-Saturday maps basically show the Polar Vortex dropping toward the Great Lakes and northeast with even colder air moving in here. That is introduced by another potential light snow maker.

The GFS during this same time is showing some single digit lows:

GFS Temps 2

Winter still has a lot left in the tank!

Make it a great Super Bowl Sunday and take care.

Canadian GFS TEMPS 1

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