Tuesday afternoon update

Good afternoon, everyone. Another round of light snow and a mix is working across parts of the Bluegrass State. This is mainly affecting areas across the south, but some snowflakes could sneak into the rest of the region.

The NAM continues to be most aggressive, with a swath of light accumulating snows across the southern half of the state:


That might be a little too amped up, but some light accumulation is certainly possible in these areas.

Leftover snowflakes will hang around into early Wednesday, then the milder air takes over. Readings rebound quickly Thursday and could push 60 from Friday into the weekend. The real warm stuff stays in the Plains states, but our numbers will be way above normal:


High-temperature records might fall just to our west. A system zipping by to our north by Friday could throw a shower or two into the region.

The party comes to an end late Sunday and Monday as colder air returns from the north. Showers increase to end the weekend with this air mass coming Monday:


This leads us back into a setup that should deliver additional snow threats over the next two to three weeks. Blocking is starting to show up during this time, and that usually spells more winter weather.

Your trackers to get you through the day:

Take care.

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