Storms set to join the spring party

Good Wednesday to one and all. We have another super-warm day taking shape across the region. Highs in the 70s will be common through Thursday, but thunderstorms will soon try to steal the weather show.

HighsWednesday will hit the middle 70s in many areas. Some highs in the upper 70s are a strong possibility, and I can’t rule out an 80-degree high in the east. These numbers will be flirting with records.

Storms increase from west to east late Thursday. The models are really keying in on some substantial totals during this time:

GFS Rain

That would be enough to cause some high-water problems, especially across the western parts of the state.

Additional showers and storms move in over the weekend, adding to the rain totals:

GFS Rain 2

Are we done with winter? If you’ve been watching me on WKYT-TV, you know that’s a question the anchors have been throwing at me this week. My answer is, probably not. Several of my initial analog years featured some late-March and early-April winter intrusions. 2007 and 1987 are among the biggest two that come to mind.

Here’s the GFS about the time the calendar flips to spring:


I want no part of that, but I don’t get the final say in what happens. 🙂

Make it a wonderful Wednesday and take care.

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