Tracking rounds of showers and storms

Good Saturday, everyone. We are dealing with a weekend of weather straight out of late April or early May. Temps and humidity levels are both on the high side, and that’s helping fuel more showers and thunderstorms.

We have an area of low pressure spinning across the Mississippi Valley. This spin is pulling up warm and humid air from the Gulf of Mexico. That spin also has waves of showers and storms rotating around it:


That setup will carry us through Sunday and Monday, and can result in additional heavy rainfall. Here’s what the NAM is showing through Monday morning:


Highs through the middle of next week should continue to run well above normal. This spring fling is about to come to an end as the models show much colder air settling in late next week or the following weekend:

GFS 2As you can see, much of the country will probably experience colder-than-normal conditions as we kick off spring. There is even the potential for some snowflakes to fly as the cold comes back.

I leave you with your Saturday tracking tools:

Make it a great day and take care.

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