A slowly changing pattern

Good Tuesday to one and all. Our much warmer-than-normal weather pattern is about to slowly give way to a more typical March pattern this week. As a matter of fact, this pattern might take on a bit of a winter look at times.

Let’s start things out with some good news, and that’s the weather we have out there now. Temperatures are going to absolutely take off, and highs will reach the mid- and upper 70s in some areas. 80 is within reach if we can get enough sunshine.

A cold front moves across the region Tuesday night and could touch off a broken line of thunderstorms. If that line develops, a few of the storms could be strong. Here’s your daily dose of tracking tools:

The air behind this front is only marginally cooler for Wednesday:


Winds are going to be very gusty and could reach 35 mph at times.

A stronger push of chilly air arrives Thursday night and could be accompanied by a band of showers and thunderstorms.

This push of colder air will help spawn a big storm system across the Deep South. That low then tries to work up the East Coast later this weekend:

Euro 2If something like that does come to pass, it would deliver rain and snow to our region. That would be followed by a big blast of well below freezing temperatures.

True spring is still a few weeks away. Until then, let’s enjoy the weather we have out there now. Take care.

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