Green thumb alert

Good Friday to one and all. Green thumbs continue to be in serious trouble as frigid temperatures roll on across the region. Believe it or not, even colder air moves in over the next couple of days.

This opening day of the spring meet at Keeneland will be a chilly one. Highs will generally range from the low to middle 40s, with some gusty showers. Those showers might mix with a few snowflakes out there in the evening as temperatures drop into the low and mid-30s.

Track the ugly Friday:

This leads us into back-to-back hard freeze mornings across much of the state. Take a look at the numbers showing up for weekend lows:


Milder winds will blow by Sunday afternoon, and that should boost highs into the 60s. That continues into Monday as we await the arrival of a cold front:


Showers and thunderstorms will accompany this cold front into early Tuesday:


One more freeze could follow that by Wednesday morning. Beyond that, a much milder pattern is likely to unfold. As a matter of fact, this pattern might flip to very warm and stormy for the second half of April.

Enjoy your Friday and take care.

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