Steam and storms return

Good Tuesday, everyone. Steamy temps and stormy weather continue to take center stage around here for the next few days. The combination of 90-degree highs and high humidity could spawn some big thunderstorms.

Highs Tuesday will range from the upper 80s to the low 90s in most areas. The increase in humidity will make it feel even hotter. There also is the threat of a thunderstorm or two. Any storm that blows up could be strong and put down a lot of rain.

As usual, I have you all set to track:

The threat of storms will increase later Wednesday and Wednesday night as rounds of storms drop in from the northwest:


Damaging winds would be the main player with those rounds of storms.

After one more hot day Thursday, a big storm system blows up to our east and pulls some cooler air into our region:


That could make for a very nice weekend around here.

Enjoy your Tuesday and take care.

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