Calm for a few more days

Good Tuesday, folks. We have some very nice weather settling into the Bluegrass State for the next several days. That all changes as we make our way into the weekend and things go the other way.

Highs through Thursday should generally run from 75 to 80 degrees with mainly dry weather. There is just the smallest threat of a shower or thunderstorm during this time.

Winds will become very gusty on Friday as a strong cold front inches closer from the west. At the same time, Hurricane Matthew is likely to be bearing down on the Carolinas.

Here’s what Matthew looks like now:

Hurricane Infrared GOES East

This system will blast the Bahamas and threaten the east coast of Florida over the next few days. From there, look out, Carolinas. Here’s the official forecast from the NHC :

The GFS continues to take this hurricane into the Carolinas and then toward New England:


That happens as a strong cold front blows across the Bluegrass State on Saturday. Expect some gusty showers and storms and falling temps.

As that storm winds up across the northeast, much colder air gets pulled down behind it into Kentucky.

This could set the stage for some lows in the upper 30s by Sunday or Monday mornings:


Make it a great Tuesday and take care.

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