Flirting with records

Good Saturday and welcome to Labor Day weekend. Wait… What? The weather out there this weekend is more typical of that time of year as opposed to Halloween weekend. Near record highs are possible from today through Wednesday.

It’s a pattern that can throw upper 70s to low 80s our way during this time. Gusty southwesterly winds will be common, and the forest fire season could take a nasty turn. Please abide by all burning restrictions and laws.

There’s a small shower chance on Sunday across the northern half of the region. The future radar from the NAM shows this:


After that, the next threat of rain doesn’t arrive until Thursday. This is when a cold front zips in from the northwest. This may have some action that lingers into Friday:


Temperatures will come way, way down and be closer to average for this time of year.

I continue to bang the drums on a big pattern change for the middle and end of November. It’s a change that can lead to an early start to winter:

The weeklies from the JMA are now all over this switch. The first map below is for one full week. The second map shows a full two week average:


You can clearly see the progression toward a nice winter look showing up after the first week of November.

Have a great Saturday and take care.

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