Big changes for the last week of the year

Good Monday, everyone. We have a big time surge of mild air shooting into the region today, and this may send out temps to near record territory. This isn’t going to last very long as cold air is ready to pounce later in the week.

Highs today will be deep into the 60s as southwesterly winds gust up. A scattered shower is possible as a cold front nears from the west. This front will touch off a band of showers and a rumble of thunder arriving late this evening into tonight.

Chillier air comes in behind this front for Tuesday, but another system moves in late Wednesday with a quick-hitting blast of seasonal cold behind it for Thursday and Friday:


The northwesterly flow can touch off snow showers and Flurries :


The New Year’s Weekend system looks fairy wet as it comes at us in a couple of waves through Monday. The initial wave can produce a front end mix on New Year’s Eve:


The global indicies I look at continue to line up for some serious winter weather taking control of the country into January. We are now seeing the ensembles catching up to the operational models in timing this sometime in the first week of January. Here are the GFS Ensembles temperature anomalies in Celsius:


The GFS operational  shows massive blocking going on up top, forcing a mega trough across the country:


Watch the temp anomalies on this run:


Make it a great Monday and take care.

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