Rain kicks off a volatile setup

Good Tuesday to one and all. We are rolling out of a bitterly cold pattern and rolling into one that has a very volatile look. Some wild temperature swings are on the way, and this could result in everything from thunderstorms to some ice.

Tuesday’s showers might start out as a touch of frozen stuff early. Very¬†gusty winds will be noted as temperatures begin to climb and showers take over.

The showers are ahead of a cold front that puts the brakes on and returns to the north as a warm front by Wednesday. This could touch off a few rumbles of thunder:


Winds can reach 40 mph during this time as temps really begin to spike. Readings by Thursday shoot into the 60- to 65-degree range.

Showers and some thunder will be noted into Thursday night as the leading edge of arctic air closes in. The numbers for Friday continue to look threatening for some ice across parts of the state:


Here’s a better look at the dramatic temperature drop:


Here’s where the European model has us by Friday afternoon:


Notice the magic 32-degree line digs pretty deep into Kentucky as precipitation continues. That could very well mean a period of freezing rain into Friday night.

After that, we might see that front head back to the north as a warm front by Saturday night into Sunday. That could return our temps to 60 for a day or two, ahead of another storm system.

Precipitation totals over the next week and change continue to run on the high side:


We will just take a wait and see approach on this whole setup, but wild temp swings are a given!

Have a great day and take care.

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