Big temp swings could bring some wild weather

Good Wednesday, everyone. Gusty winds are blowing some big temperature swings into Central and Eastern Kentucky. These swings can touch off everything from thunderstorms to freezing rain. Let’s buckle up for the ride.

Winds won’t be as gusty Wednesday, but they will start to crank again later Wednesday night and Thursday. Gusts of 40 to 45 mph gusts will be possible again. This is along a warm front that could touch off scattered showers and thunderstorms:

I have no real changes on the potential as we roll forward. An arctic front will dive in by Thursday night and Friday and hang out for a few days. Depending on exactly where that sets up will be the deciding factor on where the freezing rain sets up.

The trend of the Canadian and European models continues to be a little colder for the entire weekend. The Canadian model now shows a pretty expansive area of freezing rain:


The temp trend on the European model keeps that freezing line right on top of the region on and off through the weekend. Here’s Friday morning:


Here’s Saturday night:


The WPC is now closely watching the potential for freezing rain Friday. Here are the percentages of seeing freezing rain by different times Friday:




Have a great Wednesday and take care.

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