Snow chances increase

Good Friday, everyone. We have snow showers and flurries crossing the state, but a system coming later in the weekend looks to be a bigger deal. That’s when we have the most likely chance of some widespread accumulations.

Winds will continue to be gusty from the northwest, with highs in the low 30s in many areas. That wind will make it feel much, much colder. Rounds of snow showers and flurries will continue to move through and can cause some light accumulations.

Additional snow showers and flurries will be likely Friday night and Saturday.

The Sunday system continues to have the look of a light snow snowfall for most of the region. Here’s the European model:


Systems like that really like to turn into 1- to 3-inch snow producers. Throw in another shot of cold and gusty winds, and you can get a winter feel and look out there through Monday.

The overall pattern on the GFS ensembles continues to show winter targeting the Ohio and Tennessee valleys over the next 16 days:

GFS snow 3

Again, all of that is cumulative over the next 16 days. What can we infer from what the ensembles have been consistently showing? A. We are likely to have a very active storm track across our region. B. That will probably mean a lot of precipitation. C. Snow chances look high, with the potential for a winter storm or two to really get going.

Have a fantastic Friday and take care.

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