A big storm heads our way

Good Saturday to one and all. We have a fairly calm Super Bowl weekend, but some major changes blow into town early next week. Those changes will come from a big storm system set to impact our weather.

Let’s start with Saturday. The weekend starts with a mix of sun and clouds, with highs in the upper 30s and low 40s. The Super Bowl Sunday system zips in and out with just some very light stuff early in the day and highs rising┬ádeep into the 40s.

The storm system coming early next week is a big-time system that could bring some wild stuff our way. Check this bad boy out:


That, my friends, is a major wind maker for our region and much of the eastern half of the country. Rain increases Monday, with thunderstorms joining the party Monday night and Tuesday. We will need to be on guard for some possible strong storms as temps surge into the 60s. Winds gusting to 40 to 50 mph will be possible as this system develops.

Lows by Wednesday morning drop into the 20s with wraparound light snows:


That is one heck of a system and it’s what you get when you have such huge temperature gradients setting up across the country.

Could we get another system to move through on Thursday? That’s a possibility, and most models show something diving in from the north and west:

Euro 2

If we look at the setup after that arctic blast, we find the models still fighting it out, but with a warmer look:

gfs 3

That makes me happy, but I’m telling you guys, we are not going to get to true spring without a pretty harsh period of winter. It’s just a question of when. I would rather it be sooner rather than later. Make it a great day and take care.

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