Spring is back in the Bluegrass

Good Saturday, folks. It’s another surge of spring temperatures taking over the fine commonwealth of Kentucky. This air isn’t going to last very long as a big temp drop sweeps in later Sunday. That sets the stage for a much colder and possibly wintrier week ahead.

Most areas hit 60 or highter Saturday, with clouds thickening and some scattered showers.

The numbers will then climb into the 60s Saturday night and Sunday morning. That’s right: The numbers climb.

The climb will stop right there as a cold front drops in from the northwest. Watch the temps crash:


Seasonal temps settle in for Monday and Tuesday as we watch to see what happens just after that. The European model is now going tor a full-blown hookup between a system coming in from the southwest and a system diving in from the north:

Euro 2

That blows up a huge winter storm that works from the southern states, up the East Coast from Tuesday night through Thursday:


That certainly is an attention-getter, but is it right? It keeps showing more and more of a connection, leading to a stronger storm, but other models keep the streams separate. If we don’t get a hookup, then we just get a one-and-done cold shot and a few snowflakes. Let’s watch the trends through the weekend.

Regardless of solutions, much milder air will then take over a few days later. I could even see the pattern throwing a severe weather event our way before another winter setup.

Have a great Saturday and take care.

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