Showers crash our spring party

Good Tuesday, everyone. We continue to see our temps running on the toasty side of things, but some showers are about to crash the party. This kicks off a busy weather pattern with some wild temperature swings, leading to active storm systems.

Highs Thursday will make a run at 70 before clouds thicken and showers move in from west to east. The most likely chance of rain is late afternoon and continues into early Wednesday. A few spots can pick up more than a half-inch of rain:

Wednesday will be “cooler,” with readings in the low 60s in the east but near 70 in the west.

Thursday and Friday can see temps go crazy on us. The models have the numbers going deep into the 70s:


80-degree highs will be possible with enough sunshine. Winds will be very gusty as a strong storm system rolls across the Plains and toward the Great Lakes on Friday and Saturday. This setup can mean some strong or severe storms ahead of it:


Much colder air comes in behind that system with highs in the upper 30s and low 40s by Saturday. The GFS also shows a few snowflakes wrapping in here early Saturday:

GFS snow

This pattern is super busy, with very cold shots diving into the country, and warm air trying to hang tough across the southeast. Watch this back-and-forth over the next few weeks:


Warm, cold … Warm, cold … That setup puts the mean storm track right on top of our region, and it should mean a lot of precipitation. Everything from strong storms to snow will be possible depending on how each storm track goes.

Have a great Tuesday and take care.

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