Severe weather threat ahead

Good Monday to one and all. We have showers across much of the region, but the focus of the forecast is on the potential for severe weather. This threat will increase later Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday’s showers will be rather scattered and should zip through here pretty quickly. Once the showers stop, highs could make a run toward 60:

Warm and moist air then surges in Tuesday. This happens as a potent storm system develops just to our west. Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms will be possible.

On Tuesday night, thunderstorms will explode just to our west and race into our part of the world. Initially, storms will be out on their own and could pose a damaging wind and tornado threat. Here’s the latest on the Tuesday¬†and Tuesday night threat from the Storm Prediction Center:

Wednesday has the potential to bring a significant squall line of storms racing into the region. This would present us with an increased threat of damaging winds.

Even outside of thunderstorms, winds are going to go wild over the next three days. Gusts to 40 mph will be possible.

Much colder air will then blow in Thursday, with highs in the upper 30s and the threat of some snowflakes.

There’s even the chance of some flakes Friday as a weak clipper dives in from the northwest:

Temps should recover very quickly this weekend as southwesterly winds kick in. That should boost highs back into the 60s with another thunderstorm outbreak looming early next week.

Have a great Monday and take care.

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