Winter overtakes spring

Good Tuesday, everyone. We have quite a blast of winter weather blowing across Central and Eastern Kentucky this week. It’s complete with frigid air and rounds of snow showers and flurries. Old Man Winter is kicking spring to the curb for a while.

A strong northwesterly flow will then kick in Tuesday. That should produce a few bands of snow showers and squalls diving in from the northwest. The super hi-res NAM shows a plume of action coming straight off Lake Michigan and into Central and Eastern Kentucky:

That might especially kick in on Tuesday evening, and those bands might be underplayed a bit by the models.

Track whatever shows up:

Highs Tuesday and Wednesday might not get above freezing in some areas. Lows will hit the teens Wednesday and Thursday.

This is a far cry from a historic blizzard ready to shut down the mid-Atlantic states and New England. A general one to two feet of snow will fall, with winds gusting near 50 mph in that part of the world.

The cold coming in behind this is going to be absurd for this time of year. The Canadian model shows near-record-breaking temps:

Temps recover a bit by the end of the week, but another ugly weather maker moves in late Friday and Saturday. This should have some rain for Friday, with some rain and snow on Saturday:

Told ya this was going to be one ugly pattern!

Have a great day and take care.

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