Pattern stays the same

Good Wednesday to one and all. We are wrapping up the month of May with some normal temps and scattered storms. It looks like more of the same in the coming days, before things try to take on a much cooler look.

Let’s recap where we’ve been over the past month. It’s been a pretty ugly period, with normal to below-normal temps and plenty of storms. These storms have put us above normal for rainfall. Check out the rainfall anomalies from the past 30 days:

So it’s only appropriate to close out the month of May with some additional storms. This shouldn’t be widespread stuff, but more of a scattered variety out there Wednesday:

Similar conditions will be noted for Thursday, the first day of June.

From there, showers and storms become more widespread into the weekend. This happens with a system dropping in from the northwest:

Much cooler air is likely to filter in behind that setup.

As we get ready to roll into June, how is the summer ahead looking? The CFS model for June-August shows a lot of above-normal rain throughout our part of the world:

With the above-normal rain, the model also sees a lot of normal to cooler than normal numbers for the summer:

Make it a great day and take care.

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