Harvey to bring heavy rain our way

Good Tuesday to one and all. We continue to see rounds of showers and thunderstorms rumbling across the region. This action isn’t directly tied to Harvey, but what’s coming later this week is.  Harvey is likely to bring heavy rain our way for the end of the week into part of the Labor Day weekend.

The scattered storms out there Tuesday are packing a heavy rain punch. There could be some local amounts of an inch or more:

Harvey continues to re-strengthen just off the Texas coast, en route to a second landfall later Tuesday. From there, the system slowly lifts northward through the Mississippi Valley and toward our part of the world:

Adjustments, some large, might be needed for that map as Harvey’s path comes into better focus. Also, that’s a four-day time span, but I don’t expect wall-to-wall rain for 4 days if Harvey comes our way. But we will need to be on guard for a high-water threat.

The latest from the National Hurricane Center is similar to the above map:

cone graphic

Regardless of Harvey, a huge blast of cool comes in behind that:

While all this is going on, we have Irma firing up along the Carolina coast:

cone graphic

Make it a great day and take care.

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