Tracking rounds of showers from Irma

Good Tuesday, everyone. The remnants from Hurricane Irma continue to work toward the Bluegrass State, with heavy rain and gusty winds already in the region. This action will then continue for the next few days.

Tuesday’s rain will be heaviest in the  morning, with more than 1 inch a possibility in some areas. The stuff then becomes more scattered in the afternoon and evening:

As what’s left of the center of circulation gets closer, winds will become very gusty during this time.

Those winds could top 35 mph at times in some areas early Tuesday:

The threat of showers will continue through Thursday as the Irma remnant low moves eastward across the state:

That’s a slow-moving look that can overachieve in terms of rainfall.

Temps continue to run much cooler than normal, as we are experiencing an amazingly cool September.

The weekend looks mainly dry and much warmer. Highs could make a run at 80 degrees or a little higher!

Make it a great day and take care.

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