Tracking showers and storms

Good Tuesday, everyone. We are tracking an increase in showers and storms out there as our late summer warmth hangs on. This same setup is likely to carry us through the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Highs Tuesday range from the upper 70s to the low 80s, with showers and storms increasing. Some locally heavy downpours are possible:

I like this forecast so much, I’m going to keep repeating it each day through Sunday. There’s a daily threat of scattered storms, with highs generally ranging from 80 to 85 degrees.

The forecast for Kentucky’s football game against the Florida Gators at Kroger Field remains the same. Temps should be in the 70s during the game, with a slight chance of a storm.

Jose and Maria continue to steal the weather show, with each a threat to the East Coast. Jose is pulling closer to the northeast, while Maria is barreling through the Caribbean as a major hurricane:

Hurricane Infrared GOES East

Jose will bring tropical storm-force conditions to coastal areas of the northeast and might do a loop over the next few days:

cone graphic

That loop will have a big role in determining what happens with Maria. Here’s the current five-day forecast from the National Hurricane Center:

cone graphic

It will be interesting to watch Jose and Maria play off each other in the coming days. That’s a setup you would normally find in the western Pacific, and not on our side of the globe.

Just beyond the next week, the pattern probably flips chilly across the eastern half of the country. The European ensembles from WeatherBell show a rather dramatic shift to cold as we end September:

Make it a great day and take care.

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