Big changes on the way

Good Saturday, everyone. As we continue to roll through a gorgeous weather weekend, big changes are ready to push into the region for the week ahead. These changes will bring more of a late-November pattern than one for the end of October.

Highs Saturday and Sunday are in the 70s with dry skies. Clouds will increase on Sunday, ahead of a big storm system moving in from the west. This will bring heavy rain, thunderstorms, gusty winds and a big temperature drop Monday and Tuesday.

Many areas can pick up an inch or two of rain, with locally higher amounts possible. The GFS rainfall forecast:

Winds become northwesterly and are very gusty Tuesday and Wednesday as cold air dives in from the northwest:

Notice the showers that accompany that northwesterly wind. The GFS does try to throw a snowflake into that Tuesday night and Wednesday morning:

I think the chance for snow in that setup is pretty small, but the high mountains to our east should see some. Highs might not get out of the 40s on Wednesday. Lows by Thursday morning drop toward the freezing mark or a touch below.

Gusty southwesterly winds will warm us up quickly by Friday, but this is ahead of another potent system rolling in Saturday:

Gusty winds, heavy rains and an even bigger temp crash are possible in that setup. The GFS shows temps dropping through the 30s on Saturday, with something else showing up for a few areas:

Take that with a grain of salt from a week away, but it does match what all the ensembles have been showing: early-season snowflake potential for the Ohio Valley and the Appalachian Mountains. Those same ensembles continue to show this potential from next week into the first few days of November:

Back to the shot of cold next weekend: A hard freeze is likely by Saturday or Sunday. GFS Sunday morning temps:

The weather story: Enjoy the nice weather we have out there this weekend.

Have a great Saturday and take care.

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