Heavy rains unleash a cold setup

Good Monday, everyone. We have a potent system crossing the region, bringing heavy rain-producing showers and storms. This system will then usher in a much colder pattern over the next few weeks.

Monday’s rain will zip in pretty quickly from the southwest. Showers and storms could put down an inch or two in some areas:

Temps will be in the 60s early, then drop into the 50s by evening.  Winds are going to crank as this low works on top of us, and will really crank Tuesday and Wednesday as cold air rushes in from the northwest:

Gusty showers will continue Tuesday and a part of Wednesday. Snowflakes are likely to fly in the high elevations to our east.

Temps on Tuesday drop into the upper 40s as the cold surges in. Highs on Wednesday may stay in the 40s, with the NAM giving us the coldest look:

Gusty southwesterly winds will then kick in ahead of a much bigger surge of cold coming for the weekend. Friday will be an interesting day with a spike in temps, gusty winds, a line of showers and falling temps. The cold crashes in behind this Saturday:

Notice how that model has the cold catching the back edge of the rain shield by Saturday evening. That would suggest the potential for some snowflakes:

That’s certainly a possibility, but it’s all about timing of the cold catching the precipitation. Just something fun to watch at this point.

Speaking of the cold:

Highs this weekend might stay in the upper 30s and low 40s, with wind chill numbers several degrees colder. We will be able to string together three or four mornings in a row of lows in the 20s.

Have a wonderful Monday and take care.

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