Tracking a tiny taste of winter

Good Friday to one and all. We are tracking some HUGE temperature changes across Kentucky today. These changes could bring some areas the first snowflakes of the season later tonight and early Saturday.

The overall setup remains the same with a strong cold front moving in here Friday into early Saturday. Temps drop more than 30 degrees as heavy rain moves in along the front. Check out the numbers from the NAM:

Wind chill numbers during this time may drop into the 20s.

The cold catches up to the back edge to the rain shield, giving parts of central Kentucky the chance for a few flakes to mix in. The current odds map really hasn’t changed much since I put it out yesterday:

The NAM keeps bringing a switch to a mix of even a period of light snow to parts of central and western Kentucky overnight into Saturday morning. Here’s the area it’s currently highlighting:

The GFS throws up the white flag of surrender to the NAM and is now showing a band of mix and light snow behind the front:

A wraparound rain shower may develop on Sunday, especially in the east. This is where a snowflake may mix in, especially in the high elevations.

Another shot of colder air sinks in from the north early next week. That gives us a seasonally chilly Halloween, with clouds on the increase. A shower is possible late across the west and southwest, but the bulk of the cold rain likely holds off into the first few days of November:

I leave you with your cold front tracking toys of the day:

Make it a great Friday and take care.

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