Up and down temperature week ahead

Good Sunday to one and all. We have a seasonal brand of chill out there today, but a milder wind will blow as we head into the next few days. That’s the ‘up’ part of the temperature week. The ‘down’ comes later in the week.

Highs out there today are generally in the 40s with mostly sunny skies. Gusty winds will make it feel chillier than that.

Monday features 20s in the morning and 50s in the afternoon. Highs through Wednesday will be mild and can flirt with 60.

Changes come by Thursday and Friday as a system rolls into the region, cutting off from the main flow:

Here’s the Euro:

The surface map shows a potent system with rain in front of it and the potential for a mix behind it on Friday:

The GFS shows something similar, but a touch more progressive. Watch the upper low cut off:

The surface map also shows rain for Thursday and the potential for a mix as we begin December on Friday:

Granted, it’s a marginal air mass for flakes, but there’s a chance and the models keep trending deeper with the system.

Temps rebound as that pulls away, but it continues to be a full blown powerhouse blocking signal as later into the first week of December. The GFS Ensembles:

The CFS 7 day average shows one deep trough engulfing the eastern half of the country:

West coast ridge? Check. Aleutian low? Check. Block over the North Pole? Check. Block over Greenland? Check.

Look out below!

I will have a full update later tonight, so check back. Make it a good one and take care.

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