Big changes coming for early December

Good Tuesday, everyone. We continue to enjoy some very nice weather across our part of the world, but a major pattern change is just around the corner. This will threaten to put much of the country into the deep freeze as we head into December.

In the short-term, mild temps will be with us again Tuesday, with highs close to 60.

Clouds roll in late Wednesday, ahead of a system rolling in from the west. The late-week system looks fairly progressive, with chilly showers Thursday and early Friday:

That system is being pushed through here because the pattern change is now coming much more quickly on the models. The timetable on the GFS and Canadian models is showing rain coming in late Monday and Tuesday, with the cold coming in behind that:

I’ve talked and talked and talked about the blocking taking shape. Look at this mega block showing up on the latest run of the GFS:

That’s one heck of a trough getting caught under the block, bringing frigid air to the eastern half of the country.

The CFS continues to play catch-up but is seeing the cold. Watch the five-day temperature departure intervals:

Keep in mind, those are in Celsius!

The amount of blocking showing up is pretty darn impressive:

Blocks show up along the west coast of North America, Greenland and near the North Pole. That’s the trifecta of blocking, and usually delivers a lot of cold to the eastern half of the country.

Have a great Tuesday and take care.

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