Another light snowmaker ahead

Good Monday, folks. We are coming off a rather wintry weekend in the Commonwealth, and we have more winter on the way. Another light snowmaker rolls into the region later Monday night and Tuesday, with a few more possible later this week.

Highs on Monday hit the 40s as winds gust up ahead of a cold front. That front moves through in the evening, with colder air coming in on a strong northwesterly wind. That same northwest wind will create light snow and snow showers late Monday night through Tuesday.

You can see all that showing up on the future radar from the hi-res NAM:

That’s a stronger northwest flow than what we had Saturday evening, and it might even contain some true snow squalls. Local snow amounts could hit 1 inch or a littler more if some bands set up.

Here’s what I’m expecting:


Winds will be super gusty as temps crash all day long Tuesday. The same hi-res NAM has single digit wind chills by evening:

Another system rolls in late Wednesday and early Thursday, bringing the potential for some light snow:

That is being pushed by a potent upper-level system that takes on a bit of a negative tilt by Friday. Watch how the trough axis leans backward by Friday:

That suggests that this system has room to grow stronger in future runs. As it stands now, light snow and snow showers look common Thursday and Friday:

I’m watching the trends for Christmas weekend, and I’m seeing the potential for a lot of cold flooding the country. Don’t get caught up in individual runs of the operational models from this far out. The ensembles are the way to go.

The European ensembles show a massive cold-air outbreak as Santa arrives:

The control run of the European is even colder looking:

If you want a white Christmas, you have to start with the cold and go from there. The cold is showing up strongly from this far out. Any snow chances will be ironed out as we move forward.

Have a great Monday and take care.

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