A bitterly cold start to 2018

Happy New Year, everyone.  2018 is off on and running on a bitterly cold start. It’s a pattern that will carry us through the first week of the new year, at least. It’s also one trying to make a run at the history books.

A Wind Chill Advisory is out for much of the region into early Tuesday. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

  • Temps on this New Year’s Moring range from 0 to -5 in the far north, to 0 to 8 for the rest of the state. Wind chills will be from 0 to -15.
  • Tuesday morning looks to be the coldest of the bunch. Lows hit zero in many areas and may reach as low as -10 in the north. Wind chill temps will be from -5 to -15.
  • This is a dangerously cold air mass, so take any necessary precautions to get ready for it.

A major east coast winter storm is likely by the middle of the week, sending more bitterly cold air into our region. That cold can easily rival what we are seeing over the next few days.

The folks at the NWS in Louisville put together a graphic showing just how historic this cold is:

This cold is historic, folks.

A couple of systems may try to dive in here from the northwest, bringing snow chances as early as Thursday:

The European model as another system by next weekend:

You’re already seeing the models changing next weekend, showing just how difficult it is to push such a dense arctic air mass out.

While the extreme cold does start to relax next weekend and early next week, this continues to be a VERY cold pattern across our region. The GFS Ensembles show this as far as they can see into the middle of the month:

Once the extreme cold relaxes, we will have a better chance of getting southern systems into the mix for our region.

Happy New Year and take care.

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