Bitterly cold temps continue

Good Tuesday, everyone. We are in the middle of one of the colder periods of weather you will ever find across the Bluegrass State. It’s not the coldest in terms of overall temperatures, but it’s among the coldest in terms of longevity.

Our Tuesday is starting out with temps ranging from minus-5 to 5 degrees, and wind chill readings much colder than that. Our afternoon temps will return to the mid- and upper teens, with single-digit wind chills.

Wednesday finds another arctic front dropping in from the northwest, with clouds on the increase. Wednesday is the “warmest” day of the week, with temps in the upper single digits and low teens to start. Highs range from the low 20s north to near 30 south.

This is ahead of a strong upper level trough digging in, helping develop a winter storm across the southeast coast:

That storm becomes a monster and rides the East Coast, pulling another bitterly cold air mass into our region. Northwesterly winds will then bring snow showers and squalls for Wednesday night and Thursday. Just as with this past weekend’s snows, I’m riding the Canadian model:


A disturbance behind that will then dive in, potentially bringing a swath of light snow by Friday.

Temps from Thursday through the weekend can be similar to what we are seeing out there early this week. The European model has similar lows to Tuesday morning:

Once again, we find brutal wind chills showing up:

A sloppy system shows up late Sunday into Monday and is likely to keep getting colder on the models. Whatever it is will then unleash another round of bitterly cold air. Look at the lows on the European model for the middle of next week:

Wind chills at the same time:

This is one of the all-time great cold weather patterns you will ever see around this part of the world.

Have a great day and take care.

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