Winter weather moves in Sunday night

Good Sunday to one and all. Our record setting run of bitterly cold air comes to an end today, but Old Man Winter isn’t going away. We have a high impact winter weather maker moving in Sunday night and Monday.

Before we get to the winter weather potential, let’s talk about the historic cold wave.

Temps on Sunday morning are back in the single digits, marking the seventh straight day of singles or colder for Lexington. That’s the first time that has ever happened to open up a new year. It also ties February 1978 and January 1918 for the second-longest streak on record. Eight is the record, from January 1994.

Lexington has not been above freezing since Christmas Eve, 13 days ago. This is our sixth-longest such streak on record. There’s a chance that Sunday stays below freezing, bumping us up to tie for number three on the list.

As far as the winter weather potential is concerned, here are my latest thoughts:

  • A wintry mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain develops from west to east Sunday evening into early Monday morning.
  • It is incredibly difficult to pinpoint any one precipitation type for any location. The same can also be said for the duration of each precipitation type.
  • Ground temperatures are well below freezing, so it won’t take much of whatever falls to create slick roads where you live.
  • The greatest travel impact comes early Monday morning.
  • Let’s clear something up… This does NOT look like an ice storm.

Here’s my current thinking on what to expect:

Things look a little wild later this week.

The late-week system continues to look pretty darn awesome and amazing. Let’s start with the temperatures on Thursday afternoon:

Fast forward to Friday night:

That’s around a 50-degree drop in roughly 24 to 30 hours. The Bold Prediction is watching this carefully. 😉

With that kind of a spread, there’s bound to be some action along the front. Sure enough, we have a thunderstorm to mix and snow setup on the models, with the potential for low pressure to develop on the front.

Here’s the GFS:

The Canadian is similar:


I will have another update coming your way later Sunday afternoon. Make it a good one and take care.

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