From bitter cold to a slow thaw

Good Wednesday to one and all. We are dealing with another bitterly cold day across Kentucky, but we will slowly climb out of the deep freeze later this week and the weekend.

Morning temps are within a few degrees of zero in many areas, making this a brutally cold start to the day. Afternoon highs reach the teens, with the potential for a few snow showers and flurries:

Temps slowly rebound later in the week. with an outside chance at a high of 60 by Sunday. That’s ahead of a potent cold front, bringing rain our way:

Seasonally cold air comes in behind that early next week, with another system trying to swing in behind it:

The pattern should be trending milder over the next few weeks, but the European model doesn’t really want a lot of that. It has an interesting look late next week:


When a winter gets going like this one, it can be hard to completely flip a switch to turn it off, even if the global signals are there.

Have a great day and take care.

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