A slow thaw ahead

Good Thursday to one and all. Temps continue to run well below normal, but that’s about to change in the coming days. A slow thaw is on the way this weekend, and that is likely to kick off a milder overall pattern.

Our day starts in the single digits and ends with highs in the mid- and upper 20s. Sunny skies will combine with the snow cover to produce a very bright day.

Highs on Friday go above freezing, 35 to 40 in most areas. Watch for refreezing during the overnight hours as temps drop below freezing.

We start to see those temps moderate over the next few days, with some milder days settling in Saturday and Sunday. That’s ahead of a strong cold front, producing gusty winds and a wall of rain crossing the state late Sunday and Monday:

There could be a touch of snow behind that as temps take a bit of a dip. Seasonally cold air does sweep in behind that system through next week, but the pattern is going to skew milder over the final few weeks of the month. Watch these big shots of milder temps try to fight off colder shots diving in from the north:

Obviously, that’s a very active setup, with storm systems crossing the country:

Is this the famed January thaw setting up? That seems like a realistic possibility, but if it’s just a thaw, it means more winter will follow that. My winter forecast of a milder February isn’t too happy with the long-term prospects I’m seeing. That said, it’s loving the front-loaded winter we have had to this point. 🙂

Have a great day and take care.

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