Another winter weather maker ahead

Good Saturday to one and all. It’s our Super Bowl weekend, but Old Man Winter isn’t taking any time away to enjoy the big game. Another winter weather maker moves in tonight and takes us through Super Bowl Sunday.

Temps out there today recover into the 35-40 degree range in many areas. This is ahead of a precipitation shield moving in later tonight. That looks to start out as snow for many areas, before changing to a Sunday rain/snow mix, then back to light snow by Sunday night.

The Hi Res NAM shows this well:

That’s spitting out a few inches of snow from the two different rounds of flakes:

My thoughts:

  • Snow and a mix move in tonight, with accumulations a good bet into Sunday morning.
  • A stripe of 2″ snows is going to show up, but that’s going to be hard to pinpoint exactly. Surrounding that could be lots of coating to 2″ amounts.
  • Temps rise Sunday afternoon as the precipitation tapers off to light rain.
  • Another system dives in from the northwest, with a band of light snow that lasts into Monday morning. Some light accumulations are possible with this.

Beyond all this… Another storm takes aim at us Tuesday into Wednesday. I think this storm may put the rain/snow dividing line right on top of Kentucky.



Another system will follow that up by next weekend. There’s no shortage of winter weather threats in the pattern we stuck in through the middle of the month, at least.

Make it a great Saturday and take care.

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