A warm and stormy setup

Good Monday, everyone. April temps are surging into the bluegrass state and will bring along rounds of springtime showers and thunderstorms. This leads to an eventful week, with record highs and high water issues a possibility.

Scattered showers and storms are out there early today as our warm front lifts northward through the region:

Temps this afternoon will reach the upper 60s and low 70s on a strong southwesterly wind. Gusts of 30mph or greater will be noted.

Tuesday is when record and all time February record highs may be challenged. Highs can hit 80 degrees in much of the state, as southwesterly winds continue to blow. Wow.

Showers and storms then increase from west to east Tuesday night through Thursday:

Those could be some very slow-movers, delivering several inches of rain on their own. The flood risk will ramp up during this time.

Additional waves of showers and storms will continue to target the region from late week into next weekend:

All modes of flooding are possible from Wednesday through next weekend. River flooding may continue to be an issue, and could turn into a much bigger issue.

The rounds of showers and storms may persist into the following week, which would not be a good thing.

What we are dealing with is a false start to spring, and I worry about the March pattern throwing more winter weather our way. Severe blocking is being forecast to develop, leading to a cold pattern trying to envelope much of the nation. This is even showing up on the Ensembles for early March:

That wouldn’t be a good thing for those of us ready for spring to fully take control.

Make it a good one and take care.

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