Active March pattern rolls on

Good Saturday to one and all. It’s been a super active weather month and the pattern ahead shows no signs of changing. Several systems are lined up to impact our region over the next few weeks, some with winter weather, and some with normal March weather.

The system out there today is bringing a major north-south temperature gradient. Highs in the north stay in the 40s, while the south heads toward 70.

We will also be tracking scattered showers and thunderstorms, some of which could be strong in the southeast. Here are your radars to help you plan the day:

Sunday looks like a nice weather day, before we track a potent storm system our way from late Monday through Wednesday. This may actually be a series of lows, potentially bringing everything from strong storms to heavy snow:

That’s one ugly system, that will have a healthy shot of cold coming in behind it.

After a brief moderation in temps, another winter looking system takes aim at the region next weekend:

Have a wonderful Saturday and take care.

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