Rain and snow on the way

Good Friday, everyone. We have another nice looking weather day in progress, but it’s all eyes on a developing storm system rolling in late tonight and Saturday. This system will bring heavy rain for many, with a swath of heavy snow in the north and northeast.

Highs today reach the upper 40s and low 50s with early day sun, giving way to an increase in afternoon clouds. Those clouds are ahead of a potent storm system moving along one intense temperature boundary. Look at the Saturday afternoon highs:

This crazy temperature spread will produce a ton of precipitation across the bluegrass state, with the northern edge of that mainly in the form of snow:

Several inches of snow will be possible in a narrow corridor setting up across the north and northeast. Exactly where that sets up is still to be determined. Here’s my current thinking:

A few thoughts:

  • Additional model trends are very likely, with the heavy snow swath shifting a little south or north.
  • At this point in the game, a massive shift is not very likely.
  • Heavy, wet snow will be noted within the above corridor. Several inches will be possible.
  • You will also note the SUPER sharp cutoff on the southern and northern edges of the snow swath. A few miles could make all the difference in the world between a cold rain and thumping snow.
  • Outside of the narrow swath of heavy snow, heavy rain will fall. 1″-2″ of rain may cause local high water issues. Some thunder is also possible, even with the snow.

Here’s a look at the current advisories, watches and warnings:

I will have another update later today, so check back. Make it a good one and take care.


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